2007 STAG ONE Reunion

photo from 200 STAG ONE reunion

Front Row L-R George Bangert, Bob Coffey, Roger Newton, Richard Howell, Frank Cain, Kenneth Hopkins. Back Row L-R Bob Austin, James Hall, Robert Bothfeld, William Fleshood Jr, James Nowlin, Nick Martinez.

3 Responses to 2007 STAG ONE Reunion

  1. Leonard B. Baldwin says:

    I would like to contact old friends from the unit , especially ART’s . I would like my email address published for anyone interested in establishing contact. The last three I had contact with were Otto Paris (no longer living), Tom Gillespie ( I talked to Tom only briefly about ten years ago from Otto Paris’s home) and Stan Clothier.

  2. Thomas Gillespie says:

    Baldwin–now 2013. Just saw your letter about talking to me from Otto’s. My e-mail razorb@gvtc.com. Tom Gillespie