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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:

American Kamikaze by STAG-1 veteran James J. Hall:

National Security Disasters: Their Cause and Prevention by STAG-1 veteran Robert Jones:

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  1. My father owned and ran the American Aviation company which also made the TDR 1 in Jamestown New York.I never knew about the other companies that were involved. It was all secret. I did learn to fly from the test pilot. not the tdr 1 but another plane. It is wonderful to finally get the full history.

  2. Ken johann says:

    I am sitting at breakfast with Ken Johann and he was telling me a story so we went online and found this website. He served as a cook second class petty officer.
    He is 92 years old and wanted to reach out to anybody alive. Oct 25, 2015. If I get a response I will get a hold of him. Thanks. 702 544 2824. Alan Tipton